UI/UX Web June 3, 2015

DIGIU|360° Web App

DIGIU|360° is an educational technology platform geared towards streamlining and enhancing workflows and routines for teachers, parents and students. The web-application version of the platform was designed to be a supportive iteration of the mobile version configured to accomplished various tasks that don’t lend itself to smaller screen sizes.

The web-app application is comprised of 3 separate and unique iterations with distinctly different functionality sets based on user persona…teacher, parent or student. The teacher version of the app allows teachers to compose lessons, handouts, tests, and assignments. Teachers can also digitize files or web content and transform them to digital/online exams capable of auto-grade functions, student notification and parent notification.

The student version of the app allows students to view school and class calendars, submit tests, compose homework and assignments, receive test and assignment grades, receive notifications and reminders for upcoming events, and directly chat with teachers and classmates.

The parent version of the app allows parents to receive notifications regarding their child’s absence and tardiness, notification of test scores, submit test signatures, and view and receive notifications regarding upcoming school events and class dates.


Evolve the founder's concept of a full-blown educational technology Web Application

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