UI/UX Web March 19, 2024

Poseidon Solutions

Poseidon Solutions is a virtual employment staffing agency based in Miami, Florida. The company provides Virtual Assistants, sourced, trained and based in the Phillipines, to small to medium sized businesses and organizations. Poseidon requested a total redesign of the current website and engaged us to oversee the refresh.

Our objective was to create distinct and self-descriptive visuals that allowed Poseidon to easily communicate their service offering and value proposition. We created many design signs driven by the different types of tasks and skill-sets that Poseidon VA’s provide. The “task scenes” were created in bento box style. Bento UI design relies on a structured, grid-based approach, where content is organized into distinct ‘cells’ that work together to create aesthetically pleasing user interfaces and a strong content hierarchy.

We first created individual scenes for the primary offerings; workflow management, calendar management, email management, social media management, web management and finance. Each scene featured callouts, alerts, notifications and user interfaces geared towards their respective topics bringing the individual service to light.

A “Why Poseidon” section features custom icons created along with an infinite scrolling horizontal slider highlighting the types of companies that could benefit from Poseidon’s service. Another new addition is a testimonial section that makes use of a horizontal slider to display reviews from some of their current clients. Also included is a new Team section with profile images of the Company’s leadership, along with hyperlinks to their email’s and LinkedIn profiles. Lastly, a Frequently Asked Questions section was created, using a sleek vertical accordion UI.


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