Branding Logo Design January 16, 2016

CSS Logo

Community Security Service (CSS) is a non-profit organization that provides security and safety services to Jewish communities in the United States. Founded in 2007, CSS was established in response to the increasing number of anti-Semitic incidents and hate crimes targeting Jewish communities. CSS recruits and trains volunteers from the local Jewish community to provide security patrols, surveillance, and other safety measures to Jewish institutions such as synagogues, schools, and community centers.

CSS operates in close collaboration with local law enforcement agencies to ensure effective communication and coordination during emergency situations. The organization’s mission is to provide a sense of safety and security to Jewish communities and to help prevent hate crimes and anti-Semitic incidents. CSS has expanded rapidly and currently operates in over 25 cities across the United States.

When a new leadership board took charge, MetaKraftLabs was tasked with refreshing and updating their logo that would be used in conjunction with their upcoming fundraising initiatives, and would drive its public brand identity. The new logo would also serve as a visual touchpoint that would be part of a general brand awareness campaign and would be used throughout all of the organization’s promotional and marketing material.


Redesign and refresh existing logo

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