Branding Logo Design March 7, 2018

Patel Campaign

The Hillsborough County Commission is an essential governing body responsible for making decisions that impact the local community’s quality of life. Aakash Patel, a respected businessman and community leader, ran for the Hillsborough County Commission in District 1. The campaign sought an impactful brand identity that communicated trust, integrity and progressiveness, that combined visual elements consistent with Patel’s narrative and backstory as a self-made entrepreneur looking to inject his youth and innovative approach to the current political environment. The objective was to create a polished, contemporary design with roots in visuals of the Tampa Bay Area.

A political campaign logo is a crucial element in creating a strong brand identity and garnering support from voters. It serves as the face of the campaign, representing the candidate’s values, mission, and vision for the community. The logo needed to be visually appealing, recognizable, and memorable, while also conveying a sense of trust, leadership, and reliability.

We started by sketching and conceptualizing a variety of design-paths that attempted to integrate various Tampa Bay and Hillsborough county landmarks and architectural icons. At the same time The typography and lockup arrangement of his last name “Patel” and “2018” emanates traditional yet progressive lettering that flows with the patriotic colors of the USA.


Design and develop a brand-identity system to be used on campaign yard signs, flyers, posters, brochures, stickers, direct mailings, palm cards, video ads and all other forms of political advertising.

  • Strategy

    Brand Identity

  • Design

    Logo Design

  • Client

    Patel 2018

  • Tools

    Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop


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